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Sport Hunting has become our life philosophy.

Our mission

Our main purpose is to offer a full hunting service, where our guests are able not only to enjoy the amusement of the sport itself, but also to experience a fully comfortable and pleasant stay.

Our vision

To become one of the leader services of sport hunting in Uruguay and the region by focusing on our client’s interests and expectations, in order to turn into their first option when choosing their next hunting destination.

Why Rangers Sport Hunting?

In the Guaraní language, Uruguay means “River of birds”. This is the country we are so proud to inhabit, which presents itself as one of the best places in the world for dove hunting.
RANGERS knows every single place and corner like no one else in the country, and for this reason –and because we know that the primary objective of the hunter is to hunt- RANGERS does not go just where there are doves, but better where there are more doves.

Under this premise and with our experience, we offer and assure every single hunter the best experience as far as quality and shooting volume are concerned.

After an amazing dove hunting day, it only remains to enjoy the mythical “asado criollo” (barbecue) with delicious premium beef cuts prepared by our excellent international chef, and the equally mythical, worldwide known and acclaimed, Tannat Uruguayan wines.

The difference between good & great

Dove Hunting Activity

Uruguay has become one of the main dove hunting places in Latin America. Due to the lack of any law restriction in dove hunting, hundreds of sportsman visit our country annually seeking for a unique dove hunting experience.

Service for the hunters

In Rangers, we provide our customers a full service so their minds can be fully set on the dove hunting activity.

We count with a worldwide recognized equipment to offer our clients, from Beretta (Urika 2), Benelli (Montefeltros) shotguns and premium shells.
Our services also include accommodations at our lodge, a comfortable place situated 20 minutes from the hunting zone that embraces a number of facilities to fulfill guests’ expectations. Also shuttle services and meals are included.

A hunting experience of more than 2000 shots per day

A service created exclusively for hunters.

The Lodge

Our lodge is an ideal place for hunters to stay during their sport hunting visit. It offers a complete service so that guests can fully enjoy what they have come for.

Surrounded by a natural and rural environment the lodge has 6 bedrooms, a dining room capable of serving 12 visitors, a living room with a fireplace and another living room for lecture and table games. The guests will also be able to enjoy the free use of the barbeque, where they will be able to try Uruguayan specialty food, asado.

We offer a complete service for a mind set on the game

Rangers location

Why Uruguay?

Uruguay, a small country with a huge spirit and personality. Located between two giants, Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay is undoubtedly one of the best -if not the best- places in the world for hunting flying doves. The natural hills and the ever-crystalline and quiet waters from the thousands of streams that cross its territory, as well as the thriving of the agricultural situation in the last two decades, have turned Uruguay into a paradise and a very suitable place for the reproduction of doves. This has occurred to such an extent that these animals have been declared a national plague, this being the reason why dove hunting is allowed all year round without any limitation whatsoever.

The above conditions, together with factors such as a thorough knowledge of the country and a good relationship with the producers, allows RANGERS to offer entrance into and circulation within the best lands available for this activity. In other words, due to the damage caused by doves upon the agricultural production, farmers literally beg for the presence of RANGERS in their establishments. This fact allows us to guarantee the entertainment and amusement of our clients, but always within a framework of responsibility and respect.

It should be added that Uruguay has gained a world-wide reputation for being the most in-demand touristic destination of the region. This is due not only to its privileged geographical location and its mild weather, but also to the fact that Uruguay is a country that can be labeled as safe, politically stable, and extremely friendly with tourists. All these conditions have encouraged many foreigners to choose Uruguay as the country for their investments, as well as a place of permanent or summer residence.

Facts about Uruguay

9th position in Greener Country by Reader’s Digest among Finland, Iceland and Norway
1st position in life quality according International Living magazine.
Less violent and safest country in Latin America according Corporación Latinobarómetro

They just keep coming

A service created exclusively for hunters


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